Swim, Bike & Run to Success

Are you thinking about training for your first triathlon? Are you a seasoned age group triathlete who wants to move to the next level? Or, maybe you’re an elite athlete who needs the very specific, technically advanced skills that only a USA Triathlon Certified coach can provide. If any of these represent you, EnJoy Fitness has a program to deliver you the best solution to reach your goals.

We base our training programs on the five basic phases of endurance fitness, and place nutrition at its core.


Phase 1: Base – This phase focuses on developing your aerobic conditioning and improving cardio and muscular endurance. This phase may last 4 weeks to 6 months depending on your current level of fitness.

Phase 2: Build – The build phase typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks (depending upon fitness level and race distance) and introduces faster-paced training that focuses on increasing your running performance by developing your cardiovascular and muscle systems’ ability to withstand a higher level of exertion.

Phase 3: Peak – The peak phase takes place over a relatively short period of time, typically 2 to 3 weeks. Cycling volume and intensity increases. Run training happens at the highest intensity level, with workouts that require the athlete’s maximum oxygen volume (VO2 max).

Phase 4: Taper – The taper is the training phase where volume in miles is greatly reduced in order to prepare the athlete’s legs and body to be recovered by race day. This phase requires a fine line of maintaining conditioning, while ensuring recovery.

Phase 5: Recovery – This training phase is extremely important and is critical to allow the athlete’s body to fully recover after the season’s primary goal race is completed. This period typically lasts between 2 to 5 weeks. Low intensity activities will be managed during this phase, until full recovery is accomplished.


Utilizing TrainingPeaks, a powerful, scientific based training application developed specifically for multi-sport endurance training, we will develop a focused program for you, including daily scheduling of workouts, analysis of your power, heart rate and GPS data, as well as a thorough follow up plan. To ensure you stay on track, we provide you on-going progress reports via both electronic communication (email & TrainingPeaks mobile app) and face-to-face discussions during our various monthly group training events.

All of our athletes are encouraged to participate in the following activities as part of their on-going training program:

  • Track Interval Workouts
  • Strength & Functional Training
  • Group Runs
  • Group Rides
  • Swim Clinics

If you are looking for a directed and focused training program that addresses all functional aspects of triathlon, including nutrition, EnJoy Fitness is the place for you; especially if you want to engage with other athletes pursuing similar goals, and have a load of fun in the process. Please contact us today at info@enjoyfitnessjax.com or call us at 904-234-7258.