Build Power, Mobility and Cardiovascular Health

Building strength is not a singular activity. It requires the engagement of your muscles, tendons, joints, and cardiovascular system in a manner that creates functional mobility and muscular endurance; from that place, you can begin to build real strength, and total body power. EnJoy Fitness can develop a customized program for you that includes all physical movements and exercises required to create the strongest you.

Mixed group of people doing a boot camp exercise class

We offer both personal one-on-one training, as well as weekly boot camps. To add a level of accountability, we provide you with on-going feedback and progress reports using a powerful, yet simple app. Whether you use a Garmin, Fitbit or one of the various fitness apps on the market today, all data can be synchronized into one central location. By  tracking your daily nutrition intake and your fitness activity, we will help you set reasonable and obtainable goals. If your desire is to lose weight, gain more mobility and feel stronger, or you want to add a strength program to your overall triathlon and endurance training, we have everything you need to be successful.

Get strong and find your power! Contact us today at or call us at 904-234-7258.