Train to Go the Distance

If you run one mile per day at any pace, or you run ten miles per day at a six minute per mile pace, you are not only a runner, you are an endurance athlete. The question is: what kind of endurance athlete do you want to become? If you fall into the first category noted above, maybe you would like to work towards increasing your distance and speed, or focus on finishing your first 5K. If you are on the other end of the scale, at the much greater distance and faster pace, you might have your eye on competing in your first half or full marathon. Or maybe, you’ve already run multiple marathons, and are looking towards your next personal record (PR). No matter what type of a runner you currently are, EnJoy Fitness can make you a better one!

Endurance training consists of five basic phases:Endur_chart

At EnJoy Fitness, we will design a customized training program taking you step by step through each phase of development until you experience your best race day performance. We will then help you fully recover on the backend, so that you can continue to build towards your next race event. Leveraging the power and scientific innovation found in TrainingPeaks (the premier endurance training and analytics software & mobile app), we will provide you with weekly schedules, analyze your heart rate and GPS data, help manage your nutrition, and provide you with progress reports and regular communication via email, text, phone and of course, in person.

Training PeaksIn order to enhance your overall training program, we recommend all of our athletes participate in the following weekly activities:

  •      Track Interval Workouts
  •      Group Runs
  •      Strength & Functional Training

Come join our community of incredible athletes and be a part of something fun. Together, we will help you develop obtainable goals that take your running and endurance fitness to the next level. Contact us today at or call us at 904-234-7258.