Develop a Stronger Wellness Program

EnJoy Fitness offers a flexible and dynamic grouping of services to customers wanting to enhance their current corporate wellness programs, residential community fitness options, or for those in the early stages of developing a program that would like to learn how a comprehensive fitness component can positively affect the overall goals of their proposed program. In either scenario, EnJoy Fitness has a solution.

When we first began to develop our offering, we asked ourselves what matters most; what would be the primary benefit to a company that chose to invest in a comprehensive fitness program and what must that program do? First, we realized that the program must complement their current organization’s wellness goals by helping to improve the overall health & fitness of their workforce. Second, how would they know it worked? The answer to that question was easy. We thought of the number one developer of wearable fitness tracking devices and activity data collection, Garmin! Utilizing Garmin’s Wellness API as the platform for our offering was the beginning, and has opened the door to many powerful and flexible solutions. It has allowed us opportunities to partner with Garmin third party application providers in order to manage and provide detailed progress reports to both individual fitness plan participants, as well as the company’s wellness program managers.

With our management platform in place, the rest was about the business we conduct every day, fitness! That’s the stuff we love most. We will encourage and inspire your employees to get involved, and to get fit!

-Options for ALL participants-

Because every individual is unique with their own level of fitness, we have options to benefit first timers, aging adults, and even individuals training for a marathon or triathlon. We can help each of these types set and achieve their specific goals. Our Onsite Fitness Classes include:

Basic Mobility & Introductory Yoga

Strength & Functional Training

Cardiovascular Endurance Training

Nutritional Guidance

For those individuals who would rather invest their time away from the office environment, we offer Offsite Fitness options, including:

Track Workout

Strength & Functional Training Boot Camp

10 Day Fitness Challenge Boot Camps

Triathlon & Endurance Coaching

Swim Clinics

Nutritional Guidance


Effective partnering to boost your program’s growth!

What better way for us to help you grow your program’s participation rate than to directly engage your employees in lively discussions covering an array of health & fitness topics. We can do this on a monthly or quarterly basis and in line with your internal plan goals or other scheduled plan events.

Performance drives the success of any initiative. We make achieving success easier by providing your team and your employees with our Fitness Program Tracking & Reporting services.

With options to employ an easy to use HIPAA compliant app in connection with either Garmin or other brand wearable devices, the data we deliver provides our trainers, participants, and the company information to track, evaluate, validate and reward individual activity. It also allows the company to monitor the success rate of the program through overall participation and key data points, such as percentage of individuals experiencing notable weight loss, as well as other measurable health & fitness data.

If you would like to learn more about our Corporate Fitness services, please contact us today at, or call us at 615-351-5187.